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To grow thin in the face of special points

Japanese scientists presented the next invention based on use of Augmented reality - systems of additional reality. Special points, reformative the visible world by the set principle, should help to grow thin that who suffers from excess of excessRead More

Space Ball: radio-controlled «a space sphere»

Toy distantly operated aircraft won wide popularity among fans of equipment. But many models have an essential shortcoming – during the falling or collision with extraneous subjects they break wings. For this reason experienced users recommend to beginners toRead More

The device which will help to watch a bearing

The direct healthy back, it not only looks beautifully, but also is pledge of good health. Stoop is often connected with two factors – weak muscles of a back and a habit. If the first is corrected by trainings, for the second it is necessary to take itself inRead More

Cook food together with aluminum spheres

How you think, what is represented in the photo higher? No, it not Ferrero Rocher chocolates. It is more innovative product intended for fans of outdoor activities, in particular a camping. The designer by name of Virang Akhiyaniya developed the conceptual deviceRead More

ADATA Technology presented the universal slot

In the product range of the ADATA Technology company there was a multipurpose novelty – DashDrive Air AE400. This device is able to read out and transfer data to USB carriers and SD format memory cards, can carry out a power unit and charger role for other gadgetsRead More