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AT&T will connect to a wireless network bicycles

The telecommunication company AT&T together with the Social Bicycles organization equips rolling bicycles with the built-in GPS navigators with connection to a wireless network AT&T. It becomes on purpose to secure two-wheeled transport against stealingRead More

10 mad gadgets on the basis of Android

For the last years the Android mobile operating system grew in a big platform for various devices. Now in the world more than 500 million Android-smartphones are used, and 1,3 million new devices are daily activated. In other words, near? the market of smartphonesRead More

First-ever hours with the calculator

First-ever hours with the calculator appeared on sale in 1975 when the Hamilton company let out the first Pulsar Calculator Watch. The novelty became the pioneer as before anything similar it was not made. Nevertheless, also bit at the price. It was possibleRead More

QR hours for fans irrational

For some years QR codes began to appear literally everywhere. But recently more and more people reflect QR value, to be exact on, whether they are necessary in general. Even taking into account that is now full of software for the mobile devices, capable to distinguishRead More

DoorBot: the on-door speakerphone in your smartphone

Worry about safety of the house? It is not necessary. DoorBot will help you to dispel superfluous fears and will protect from the guests who have been without the invitation. DoorBot represents the clever on-door speakerphone with support of mobileRead More