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The video review Cobra RU 835 radar detector

One of these days at the disposal of our edition there was very curious device - an automobile radar detector of Cobra RU 835. Certainly, we did not resist a temptation and prepared the video review of this useful piece in an economy. This device is urged toRead More

Google will break to you points if you decide to transfer or sell to their third party

The pleasure will be short Early parties of points of Google Glass Explorer Edition quite recently and if is more exact, this week, started to arrive to the first buyers. However if you want to become just to one of them, think once again. Google lets to allowRead More

#галерея | the hottest gadgets-2013

Just one of these days come new 2013 conceals for us a lot of interesting, namely - a large number of technological sensations. The authoritative magazine Popular Science prepared for us a selection of the most interesting gadgets which will cause our admirationRead More

Virtual reality Gadgets wearing spectacles from Oculus

As the person who has re-read science fiction, I always secretly believed that I will put on once huge points and to be transferred to other world. Yes, and the jet flying board I too still wait. Palmer Lucky (Palmer Luckey), the founder of Oculus, approachedRead More

Microsoft will let out the competitor of Google Glass in 2014

Anybody does not doubt any more that nosimy electronics becomes the following trend in the technological world. The whole world already discusses a subject of points of Google Glass. According to the last hearings, Microsoft too plans to enter race of digitalRead More