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Google Glass — only the smartphone in a new form factor

We already know that Google Glass applying for a role of the innovative mobile device, are equipped with a smartphone functional. Points are able to photograph, send Sms and to write down HD video, discharging the built-in storage battery for half an hour. AfterRead More

Google Glass photograph when winking

Users who managed to have a desire to buy Google Glass glasses, the interaction question with the nosimy electronic device can interest. It is already known that the gadget is equipped with buttons, tiny tachpady, and the user interface supports voice teams. ItRead More

MREAL points from Canon «will mix reality»

The day before yesterday the Canon company presented the vision of the future of the added reality, having embodied it in points of «the mixed reality». Yes, mixed, instead of the additional reality will be advanced by Canon with the MREAL. For a start we willRead More

Google Glass suffices everything for 30 minutes of work

It is difficult to discuss questions of convenience of Google Glass now. After all this device in fact if is not points, very much to them is similar. And everyone chooses points under itself(himself), being guided by the preferences in design, the size and colorRead More

LG enters race of clever hours

The Korean technological company LG Electronics works over own smartwatch which will compete to decisions of Apple, Samsung Electronics and Google being in development. Anybody never saw clever hours of above-mentioned brands, but all speak about themRead More