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Sony patented universal 3D-points

The Sony company patented technology of 3D-points which can be used with any 3D-TVs in the USA. New points can support various downloaded insertions and offer replaceable modules which will provide support of all 3D-TVs present in the market. The problem of modernRead More

The exit of clever hours of Samsung is confirmed officially. On turn of Apple

Hearings about clever hours of Samsung circulate already for a long time, but only now in the Network there was the first confirmation of that the South Korean giant works over creation of this device. Whether during interview to the authoritativeRead More

The first building printed on the 3D-printer, will appear in 2014

In spite of the fact that on the last CES 2013, unlike an exhibition of last year, at all there were no 3D-printers, this process very cheerful and lovely. Also can quite replace with itself the whole construction branch. The Dutch architect plans to build theRead More

Memoto – the new ticket during an espionage era

Thanks to such services as Facebook and Instagram, we got used to share with the close photos of events memorable to us. Holidays, weddings, a sit-round gathering with friends and simple food intakes – about all this by all means are learned by our friends thanksRead More