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10 interesting facts about Stephen Hokinge Kosmos

Even if you do not head a special department on development of the advanced theories on physics, you for certain heard about known physicist Stephen Hokinge. Most of all it is known, certainly, that, first, possesses brilliant mind and the paralysed body, secondlyRead More

The lingerie with protection against rape Gadgets

The world community paid attention to a violence problem concerning women in India after several high-profile cases. One of such affairs is connected with group rape of the 23-year-old student who has died from got traumas in December of last year. In attemptRead More

Who wants to become deadmau5? cheaply!

If you are the admirer of deadmau5, and have a thick purse, the interesting gadget for a suit on the Halloween can interest you. Actually, you see it higher. Here it will precisely blow up public which will see this helmet. Will hook even on those who not in aRead More

The appendix for Google Glass It will find your friend in crowd

Cannot disassemble the person in crowd? Do not worry, the system of recognition of people can find to you everything that is necessary, even if their persons are not visible. Google Glass specially developed for the future points the application can determineRead More