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New level of immersion when viewing a sports match

Fans of sports always try as it is possible to be closer to a place of the favourite event. They buy tickets for the places closest to the arena and even specially buy huge HDTV panels that it was possible to make out better almost each pixel on the screen whenRead More

New development of Google – speaking sneakers

If you think that Google is at the moment limited only to development of the points of Project Glass and pilotless cars, you are mistaken. The company in granaries has many interesting things. One of them, for example, is the latest development - speaking sneakersRead More

One calendar: quintessence of time

Apparently, this calendar was developed for the same people who can like hours from Tokyoflash. Bothered appendices for the smartphone? The desktop calendar of One looks where is more freakish than a skevomorfny Calendar in iPhone, and the main thing — магнитикиRead More

MeCam – the small flying spy

The Always Innovating company presented the new compact flying MeCam chamber which allows стримить written-down video on your smartphone or a tablet. It is possible quickly and to share the finished shooting material easily with friends through YouTube, FacebookRead More

The helmet of Touchy will turn you into the person camera

How to operate a cockroach through Twitter we told in the previous news, and what you will tell into the account of person camera? Not clearly, about what there is a speech? The matter is that the Hong Kong media artist Eric Siu offersRead More