Valve tests three different controlers

Valve tests three different controlers

Apparently, the hardware of Valve will come with an advancing: the head of the company promised that the whole three controlers are in a beta dough stage. Besides, Newell assured that all three devices "are run in" by ordinary people. Let’s remind that hearings about development of own prefix of Valve appeared at the beginning of this year.

The head of corporation believes that today prefixes "are insufficiently good":

«The reason on which we do controlers, is simple: we do not think that it can be such interesting from the point of view of innovations».

If will see at the neighbor something that can remind the confidential controler from Valve, photograph and send to edition. In spite of the fact that Valve tests new hardware of own production, any leak yet was not.

About Half-Life 3 exit, as expected, words. But in discipline of Dota 2 play even girls.


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