As most to make digital points of Google Glass (video)

As most to make digital points of Google Glass (video)

The Australian who has passed distribution of the first 1500-dollar Google Glass Explorer Edition, decided not to wait the following party Glass and the hands collected analog of magic points of Google. Turned out he called Flass, such to itself(himself) pseudo-digital points (a combination of the words "fake" and "glass").

The guy by the nickname Ash_Williams told about result of the creativity at the Australian forum of Overclockers. The copy looks worse than the original, but impresses it is not less. The author of work declares that made Flass from scratch.

As most to make digital points of Google Glass (video)

The device works from Android-smartphone Samsung Galaxy S i9000 which by means of a TV-exit deduces the image on the bent display pasted by an insulating tape to usual points. The display for Flass was borrowed at a head font of MyVu Crystal 701. Pseudo-digital points are completed with the Bluetooth-keyboard and earphones.

The Australian practically managed to reduce the Flass microdisplay till the sizes of the display of points of Google. Unlike the original, components of the device are connected by wires. On video the founder calls the hand-made article "amusing".

While management of Flass is carried out from the small keyboard. As the following problem of Ash_Williams considers embedding in points of the chamber and creation of the user interface similar to what is used by Google Glass.

Now the resourceful Australian works over one more conceptual Flass model, whose case is unpacked on the 3D-printer. He believes that it will allow to improve appearance of a gadget, nosimy on the head.

Flass cannot be confused with magic points of Google, but it at all does not mean that they have no right to life. Besides, they are made of available devices and materials. A question only in, whether such points are harmful to sight.

As most to make digital points of Google Glass (video)

As a whole, Ash_Williams remained is happy with the received result:

Cool. They perform the work.

Then Google did not manage to monopolize the market completely yet. Remained still Kulibina in the Australian settlements. And to you poorly to break Google hegemony?

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