DoorBot: the on-door speakerphone in your smartphone

DoorBot: the on-door speakerphone in your smartphone

Worry about safety of the house? It is not necessary. DoorBot will help you to dispel superfluous fears and will protect from the guests who have been without the invitation.

DoorBot represents the "clever" on-door speakerphone with support of mobile devices. That occurs behind a door of your apartment, you can observe on the smartphone screen, this design of on-door speakerphones shakes imagination. Everything is simple: establish DoorBot, load the free application and wait for a call to a door.

The device from four batteries of AA type eats. The charge suffices approximately for a year. At desire of DoorBot it is possible to combine with the wireless Lockitron lock which opens simple movement of a finger on the touch screen of the smartphone.

Cost of a doorbell of DoorBot — 169 dollars. The Lockitron lock will manage in the sum of 319 dollars.


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