The video registrar for thrill-seekers of Rollei Racy Full-HD of the Car -

The video registrar for thrill-seekers of Rollei Racy Full-HD of the Car -

The simple gadget which is carrying out only one function, let and at the highest level, buyers it is difficultly to involve. As a result, producers should think out all new and new hybrids of versatile electronic devices, almost for all occasions. So, to the car owners inclined to an extreme and liking to photograph everything, the RCP-Technik GmbH & Co company. KG suggests to get Rollei Racy Full-HD – an action chamber and the video registrar in one appearance.

Rollei Racy Full-HD has the same set of functions, as usual automobile video registrars. The device can do the pictures, which permission can reach 4000×3000 pixels, and write down video in the Full HD format with frequency of 30 shots/pages. The built-in CMOS sensor has permission of 5 Megapixels, and the lens possesses a corner of the review of 135 degrees, the fixed focal length and a powerful digital zoom with 4-fold increase.

Отсматривать the removed material is offered on the 2,4-inch touch liquid crystal display. Rollei Racy Full-HD is equipped with ports for connection of micro-SD and micro-SDHC of cards, USB 2.0 slot, a HDMI exit and the accumulator 870 мАч.

The device is presented in black or silvery color, dimensions of the video registrar of 74x52x33 mm. Into a set of delivery entered the water-proof boxing, allowing to plunge on depth to 10 meters, fastenings of two types, the DU panel and USB cable.

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