Speaking apron: to eat it is submitted!

Speaking apron: to eat it is submitted!

For the majority of users which adore to prepare, importunate friends or members of the family who under the influence of hunger constantly look on kitchen for certain irritate, interrupting creative process. Will get rid of questions of readiness of a dish and to take pleasure in process of cooking the "clever" Smart Apron apron will allow.

The apron lets to other users know about when process of preparation began and when dishes will be ready, sending notices on smartphones, tablets and even desktop personal computers. Its design instead of traditional laces on a neck provides magnetic connections which close an electronic chain. The Lilypad Arduino microcontroller according to the wireless protocol sends messages on in advance registered mobile devices when the chain becomes isolated. Thus guests learn that dishes already prepare. When the cook removes from itself an apron, magnetic rivets break off a chain and on mobile devices invitations to a table go.

Запитывается an apron culinary specialist from an AAA type battery.

Source: Ihgizmo.com

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