Small lamp for a ghetto

Small lamp for a ghetto

To use a small lamp as means of self-defense thought up for a long time. Massive devices with the strong case can be found in sale easily. But, recently the range replenished with option of the small lamp executed in the form of a baseball bat.

The device obviously not to enjoy baseball in a night-time is created. Though a thing very cool to keep at a dacha or in a country cottage. The case is executed from aluminum, but according to the statement of founders the very strong. There are two options of the sizes – "patsanskiya" from long 38 centimeters and «for men» with 58 centimeters. Shine a small lamp thanks to 3-W to a light-emitting diode.

The lamp hybrid with a bat on a site is on sale. In the same place there is video in brief describing a novelty.

Wishing to buy it, should be ready to lay out 36 dollars for the 38th centimeter and 46 dollars for option with 48 centimeters. But, looking at a site, in the head Slavik, a couple I ochky» starts to turn «. Any stremny site of the seller, though a small lamp very interesting.


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