Hi-tech handcuffs with a shoker

Hi-tech handcuffs with a shoker

Modern technologies come to various spheres of life so actively that sometimes do not manage to watch new development. The truth some of them are difficult be not to noticing, for example, as new handcuffs from Scottsdale Inventions.

The company patented the novelty which in the future can become the effective tool in "hands" of representatives of law enforcement bodies. These handcuffs besides that reliably fix brushes of the detainee, possess a number of innovative features. There is a built-in stun gun which will help to pacify especially active criminals. Something similar is used in collars for training of dogs.

Hi-tech handcuffs with a shoker

But, on it possibilities of new handcuffs do not come to an end. If high voltage will be insufficiently for suppression, the novelty can cool a heat an injection with a tranquilizer. Certainly, it as a last resort. And so, handcuffs can warn in softer ways, for example, a sound, the vibration, blinking light or very easy current rush.

For control the difficult wireless system is used. So, if the detainee or the criminal will decide on escape, cannot far escape. Also the system can be adhered" to a radio transmitter which will prevent the prisoner to leave the ordered area or will deviate a route. In addition handcuffs include the accelerometer, an inclinometer, a potentiometer, a microphone, the chamber, the biometric sensor and other devices.

As a whole, development of Scottsdale Inventions very interesting and effective. On the other hand, these handcuffs can become the sophisticated weapon of tortures. To exceed the powers love копы not only in Russia, but also in the same the USA. Also there is no guarantee that the detainee does not become the victim of the policeman with the loosened inner world.

Source: Gizmag.com

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