Remote control by cats already reality

Remote control by cats already reality

The group of students of the New York university developed a remote control cats. Rather simple and its installation will not cause the device to the pet of sufferings so representatives of society on protection of animals can relax.

The idea of students is simple, but thus allows to influence movement of a cat. On an animal the waistcoat with a laser pointer which red spark our moustached friends so like to chase puts on. In turn the pointer copes distantly by means of a special wheel, allowing the cat’s operator to choose the direction of movement of a cat. "Gasoline" how will suffice depends on temperament and laziness of a koteyka but as shows my experiment, they can chase a laser spark very long. You will see small demonstration below.

For implementation of this project guys used Arduino payment, the gyroscope/accelerometer and still some things. In principle, similar it is possible to realize houses at sufficient skills in electronics.


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