AT&T will connect to a wireless network bicycles

AT&T will connect to a wireless network bicycles

The telecommunication company AT&T together with the Social Bicycles organization equips rolling bicycles with the built-in GPS navigators with connection to a wireless network AT&T. It becomes on purpose to secure two-wheeled transport against stealing or a parking in not put place.

Moreover, users of smartphones can use the special annex for search of nearby parking, the order and an unblocking of rolling bicycles. The two-wheeled vehicle is intended for city walks.

The appendix can be used for calculation of quantity of the burned calories, the saved money, and also viewing of statistics of reduction of emissions of harmful substances in the atmosphere.

Cost of hire of a bicycle is not specified, but reported that service will earn in the autumn of this year in several cities of the USA, including New York and San Francisco. In other cities rolling bicycles with wireless connection will appear at the beginning of 2013.


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