Gadget for fine ladies from Thanko

Gadget for fine ladies from Thanko

The Thanko company, already in time to let out not one extraordinary gadget, offers the interesting adaptation for the women caring of the hair. To them for the aid to Thanko offers an USB hairbrush moistening hair by means of high technologies.

It is known that in the winter special leaving is necessary to hair, on a frost they quickly dry, become fragile and dim. Cosmeticians recommend to use special masks for hair and moistening means, and the Thanko company adds to them the USB hairbrush. It has the ultrasonic humidifier which is automatically spraying water from the 15-mililitrovoy container. It will help to comb quicker hair and to facilitate laying that all will estimate ladies, from girls hurrying on appointment to the businesswoman for which to buy VVG cable in number of pair of cars – an ordinary event within a daily operating schedule. However, estimate convenience of a hairbrush men can also, whose image is incompatible with hairdresser’s scissors.

The hairbrush from the built-in accumulator which is necessary for recharging from time to time works. The USB interface is for this purpose intended, to use it it is necessary in 2-2,5 hours of use of a hairbrush in an independent mode. There is an original device of 80 dollars – on the one hand, it is not cheap, and with another, such cost is justified by singularity of a gadget. Having packed it into motley paper and having tied up a ribbon, it is possible to be sure that such gift is necessary by the way and by all will be remembered for a long time.

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