The personal submarine is on sale. Expensively to

The personal submarine is on sale. Expensively to

If I chose to myself a personal submarine, first of all paid attention to comfortableness. In C-Explorer 5 of production of the U-Boat Worx company there is all and even a little more.

The C-Explorer 5 submarine is advertized as “a first-ever underwater limousine”. The submersible contains in itself 5 passengers, has central air of air and is capable to plunge of depth to 300 m. The cover of the case is executed from acryle. Cruiser speed of a submarine – 5 km/h.

For more exacting buyers who consider a standard complete set insufficient, the producer offers the following options: an audiosystem with iPod support, the light-emitting diode lamps, the mechanized adaptation for sampling, video surveillance system, gidrolokatsionny installation and the onboard modem. In a word everything that is necessary for comfortable travel under water.

The personal submarine is on sale. Expensively to

In case of approach of emergency situations, passengers of an underwater limousine have possibility to call in service of the emergency help which is available round the clock for 96 hours.

C-Explorer 5 – pleasure not from cheap. Question price 2,4 million dollars.


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