The exit of clever hours of Samsung is confirmed officially. On turn of Apple

The exit of clever hours of Samsung is confirmed officially. On turn of Apple

Hearings about "clever" hours of Samsung circulate already for a long time, but only now in the Network there was the first confirmation of that the South Korean giant works over creation of this device.

Whether during interview to the authoritative Bloomberg resource the executive vice-president of mobile division of Samsung Jon-hi reported that the Samsung company already long enough works on creation of a watch.

The exit of clever hours of Samsung is confirmed officially. On turn of Apple

Let’s remind that else in far 1999 the Samsung company let out the first watch which differed peculiar functions for phones. The model left under the commercial name SPH-WP10 and is provided on a photo above.

The exit of clever hours of Samsung is confirmed officially. On turn of Apple

In 2009 in the market there was other model of a watch of Samsung with the module of a wireless communication of Bluetooth and the touch screen. In hours under the name S9110 (are provided on a photo above) synchronization with Outlook, a MP3 player, a speakerphone and function of definition of a voice was available. At that time their cost made 470 dollars. Popularity of the Android operating system and products of competitors (for example, "clever" hours of Pebble), most likely, again awakened interest in the South Korean giant to the given segment of the market.

Unfortunately, Whether Jon-hi told anything about possibilities of a new watch of Samsung and did not call approximate terms of their exit. Earlier it was already reported that this year the South Korean company will let out three smartphones of the highest price segment on the market, one of them will work under control of Tizen OS. Two others are Galaxy S IV and not announced Galaxy Note III.

It is necessary to remind that the Apple company also prepares for an exit revolutionary hours on which the team from 100 people works. About it it was reported at the beginning February of the current year.

According to the majority of analysts, the market size of "clever" hours this year will reach 60 billion dollars and on a horse there will be a company which will manage will provide to itself leader positions in this race. Certainly, it also will affect sales of mobile devices with which functions of the clock will closely intertwine.

The Apple and Samsung companies wonderfully understand that growth of sales of mobile devices will shortly be slowed down and it is necessary to look for new possibilities for advance of products. Last year in the market of smartphones of the Samsung company it was possible to leave Apple. The share of the South Korean giant reached 29 percent while the share of Apple made 21 percent from world sales.

Resource, referring to «the people familiar with a situation», reports that the Apple company will present "clever" hours under the name iWatch this year. They will be synchronized with other decisions of the "apple" company and to display various notices, reminders, information on the calls, new electronic letters, messages and record from a calendar. They also will be stuffed with various sensors and the sensors which are round the clock watching the main indicators of viability of their owner.

The Samsung company hardly will want to be the outsider. Therefore on sale also it is necessary to wait for emergence of hours of Samsung this year. Let’s remind that in the middle of February of the current year in the Network there were AltiusOS operating system screenshots under control of which "clever" hours of Samsung allegedly work.

There is an opinion that the company which will establish cost of "clever" hours at level of 200 dollars, will come out from becoming ripe race by the absolute winner. Owners of smartphones and tablets will be obviously interested in these hours.

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