Microsoft will let out the competitor of Google Glass in 2014

Microsoft will let out the competitor of Google Glass in 2014

Anybody does not doubt any more that nosimy electronics becomes the following trend in the technological world. The whole world already discusses a subject of points of Google Glass. According to the last hearings, Microsoft too plans to enter race of digital points.

In the note analyst Brian White expressed to investors confidence that next year the Microsoft company will deduce on the market points with connection to the Internet. If its assumption comes true, Microsoft will compete to Google which is already ready to let out the first Glass party.

White joined other analysts who consider that the following revolution in the market of mobile devices will be made by natelny electronics. Points of the added reality of Google Glass, which analogs, on hearings become a push for development of a trend, are going to let out other technological companies. Say that Apple and LG develop the accessories.

A day earlier the same person declared plans of Apple to let out in the second half of 2013 the 60-inch iTV TV in cost of 1500-2000 dollars, depending on a configuration and accessories, including iRing with control panel function.

Microsoft will let out the competitor of Google Glass in 2014

If, on hearings, Apple works over devices for fastening on a hand (hours of iWatch and iRing bracelet), Google and Microsoft are more interested in head fonts (points of the added reality). In February of Google confirmed that points of Google Glass can be connected to iPhone and other Android-devices according to the Bluetooth protocol. Most likely, the same possibility will be received by Microsoft points.

Besides Bluetooth in the new device also it is necessary to wait support of Wi-fi, GPS, the built-in chamber, the display and function of management by a voice.

According to White, points of Microsoft debut in the first half of the next year after points of Google Glass which in large quantities will start to be on sale at the end of 2013.

Google succeeded in development of program applications for the new product. This initiative becomes a powerful push to development of nosimy electronic devices — the analyst speaks.

Microsoft also prepares a number of new 7-inch tablets of Surface.

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