We will open and get the cars by means of Car smartphones -

We will open and get the cars by means of Car smartphones -

Many probably will agree that if we could operate any electronics thanks to only one device, it would be very healthy and convenient. That is interesting, already there are devices which can partially carry out such functions are smartphones.

Even more often cases when by means of smartphones it is possible to operate some household appliances or, for example, radio-controlled toys meet. In total that for this purpose it is necessary – existence of special annexes. And after all one fine day for motorists too any more it is not required to use electronic keys from their iron horses, smartphones can take this function on themselves.

According to news, by means of the smartphone it is already possible «to open the car and to get the car engine». It was necessary to wait only that producers of cars caught the same idea and introduced it as a new standard for all the models. And after all this day can really come in the near future.

Clever electronic keys first were available only to such magnificent automobile brands as BMW and Lexus, and now where look, them are offered practically by each producer. And if not in a standard complete set, it is exact as an option.

«Traditional keys from cars reached the apogee and will be replaced with technologies which offer more safety and conveniences»,

– John Nilsen (John Nielsen) the director large automobile American repair and the AAA engineering shop speaks.

«Clever keys dolno expensive and to avoid need for their replacement, car owners should adapt under new technologies».

Advantages of use of smartphones as a key to the main functions of the car undoubtedly are obvious. But it is necessary as to consider possibility of existence of a problem with «spare keys» when at the basic the battery will end.

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