MREAL points from Canon «will mix reality»

MREAL points from Canon «will mix reality»

The day before yesterday the Canon company presented the vision of the future of the added reality, having embodied it in points of «the mixed reality». Yes, mixed, instead of the additional reality will be advanced by Canon with the MREAL. For a start we will stipulate: points represent a professional prototype in cost of 125 thousand dollars and much more bulky, than Google Glass which have become already native to fans of innovations.

The technology in Canon MREAL also essentially differs from that on which Google Glass work. Having fixed the massive device on the head, the user will have an opportunity to see virtual objects along with real. That is, to workers from design or architecture will conveniently impose the images on the three-dimensional models existing in reality. Points scan space 3D-model, and after give opportunity to "mix" real and virtual.

In order that it is correct to enter graphics in reality, it is offered to involve physical markers — magnetic labels or QR codes. To order MREAL points from Canon it will be already possible in a week — on March 1, 2013 in the USA. They will cost 125 thousand dollars on start and on 25 thousand annually. Not sickly, huh?

Let’s remind dear readers that the points working with mechanisms of added reality, already are now estimated is very perspective. Enough the market will be filled soon with every possible devices of this kind, and Canon, along with Olympus, Google, Microsoft, Oakley and, on hearings, Apple — to volume direct confirmation.

Unfortunately, judging by the price and on bulkiness of the device, development of Canon yet will come to the user market soon and remains the privilege of professionals. And if you want to look, as Google Glass — to you here work.


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