Google will break to you points if you decide to transfer or sell to their third party

Google will break to you points if you decide to transfer or sell to their third party

The pleasure will be short

Early parties of points of Google Glass Explorer Edition quite recently and if is more exact, this week, started to arrive to the first buyers. However if you want to become just to one of them, think once again. Google let’s to allow use or sell points to the third parties without its permission.

In "Terms of service" it is specified that Google forbids to sell Google Glass or it is simple to transfer them to using even to your friends without the direct agreement from the company. The same who will decide to break these rules, instead of expensive device in 1500 dollars, will receive expensive piece of garbage. Google will simply disconnect them.

One of the first videos shot by one of the first buyers of Google Glass

«You have no right to sell and transmit the device to the third parties. If you sell or will transfer the device to the third party without preliminary permission from Google, the company reserves the right to itself деактивировать the device and neither you, nor the person to whom you transferred or sold the device will not have the right to compensation of the paid means, support of a product and warranty service».

Let’s remind that Google Glass are equipped with the 5-megapixel chamber, a microphone with technology of bone conductivity of a sound, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and 12 GB of memory available to the user for installation of the various appendices developed specially for these points. In addition the set includes pair of sun-protection lenses which it is possible to establish on Google Glass. To a word about appendices for Glass. In "Terms of service" also it is specified that the company forbids to use the device in the advertizing purposes and to place in the written appendices a content of advertizing character. And for Google Glass it is forbidden to developers of appendices to take for them a payment.

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