Google Glass — only the smartphone in a new form factor

Google Glass — only the smartphone in a new form factor

We already know that Google Glass applying for a role of the innovative mobile device, are equipped with a smartphone functional. Points are able to photograph, send Sms and to write down HD video, discharging the built-in storage battery for half an hour. After receiving access to the Google Glass Explorer Edition version developers started to publish additional information on the nosimy electronic device, in time to lift a sensation. Today new details about Google Glass became known.

Developer Jay Li to whom has the luck to be hit in the hands magic points of Google, notes that they work on the basis of the 2-nuclear OMAP 4430 processor under control of the Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich operating system. Thus clock frequency of operation of the processor is not reported. From 1 GB of the found random access memory only 682 MB are available to the user. It forced the developer to assume that other part of memory is reserved under hardware needs.

For comparison, the Samsung Galaxy Nexus smartphone works at the OMAP 4460 processor which separates it from Google Glass on only one step. It means that on level of technical equipment digital points stand near the mobile device of the average level. For the first time in the market of consumer electronics such hardware is offered in a form factor of points.

Earlier it was reported that Google Glass have 16 GB of internal memory and the 5-megapixel chamber. It is expected that full specifications will be declared in the middle of the next month within conference for developers of Google I/O. Remain on communication not to pass all most interesting.

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