Google Glass suffices everything for 30 minutes of work

Google Glass suffices everything for 30 minutes of work

It is difficult to discuss questions of convenience of Google Glass now. After all this device in fact if is not points, very much to them is similar. And everyone chooses points under itself(himself), being guided by the preferences in design, the size and color. But that precisely causes suspicion, so this operating time of this device. Robert Skobl, had an opportunity one of the first to get Google Glass, that the charge of the accumulator of the device suffices everything for 30 minutes of work in a mode of shooting of video complains in the blog.

Skobl who has received the Google Glass Explorer Edition version reported that despite early statements of Google for possibility of operation of the Glass battery during the whole day, the reality appears such that gluttony of the 5-megapixel chamber actually is higher, than it was supposed.

«Operating time of the battery is one more problem. Only one six-minute video ate about 20 percent of its charge», – Skobl is reported.

In his opinion of Glass is suitable as the portable display for a conclusion of the tape Twitter, information on calls and text messages, than as the portable nosimy computer on a face rather.

«Google worked to create very minimalist interface from special cards emerging on some seconds. All this is made for economy of the battery».

Question of search of balance between operating time and the size of the device always was a headache of many developers of mobile gadgets. And in a case with Glass which the person will carry on that part of a body where the additional external weight will be felt especially considerably, the device should be valid very easy. Otherwise it only will irritate and cause desire somewhat quicker it to remove and forget.

Nevertheless after Skobl’s note some expressed in favor of that the Google Glass Explorer Edition version is not the device for the mass market, and is intended for developers that those could estimate its potential possibilities and start to develop under them various applications. Commercial Glass versions will not appear till 2014. And by that moment it is possible and capacity of the battery will increase.

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