LG enters race of clever hours

LG enters race of clever hours

The Korean technological company LG Electronics works over own smartwatch which will compete to decisions of Apple, Samsung Electronics and Google being in development. Anybody never saw "clever" hours of above-mentioned brands, but all speak about them.

The source close to a question, reported to the The Korea Times newspaper that South Korean LG Electronics develops a watch of the following generation, and also prepares other innovative product similar to points of Google Glass which already managed to make enemies. New products become a part of strategy on strengthening of positions of LG in the IT industry.

«This product is one of many products of LG Electronics which are not commercialized yet and are at a development stage. The company does not feel sorry for money for investment in products which will help it to remain a leader in the market, irrespective of a situation»,

— reports a source.

The source refused to make comments on a question concerning an operating system under control of which the new gadget will work. The most probable applicants are Android and Firefox. At the recent Mobile World Congress exhibition in Barcelona LG Electronics declared that plans to let out phone under control of Firefox OS. The company considers that on a technological level of development it at all does not concede to the competitors, in particular Samsung Electronics.

It should be noted that in 2009 of LG Electronics let out the smartphone – a compatible watch with function of reception of text messages.

«All information about intellectual hours which appears today in mass media, is directed on awakening at the public of interest to a product which release is not designated. The market should ripen, and demand — to be strong. Not all patented ideas and concepts enter the market»,

— tells the source not connected with LG.

According to the head of one of suppliers of accessories for Samsung, both Korean firms have competitive advantages before such companies, as Apple, in production of displays for "clever" hours. LG and Samsung supervise all components necessary for production smartwatch. And here Apple and Google depend on the Korean and Japanese suppliers of displays. Everyone in the degree.

Whether but smartwatch will be on sale with the same speed as smartphones? Everything will depend on the price which will be established by producers.

The South Korean companies already possess technologies of creation of flexible displays which can take the form of a watch. At the January CES exhibition in Las Vegas Samsung and LG showed the bent 55-inch television OLED panels that began a signal about readiness to commercialize technology of flexible displays. Meanwhile, Koreans already created the unprintable flexible battery.

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