Virtual reality Gadgets wearing spectacles from Oculus

As the person who has re-read science fiction, I always secretly believed that I will put on once huge points and to be transferred to other world. Yes, and the jet flying board I too still wait. Palmer Lucky (Palmer Luckey), the founder of Oculus, approached my dreams to reality, having presented new points behind which already now it is possible to stand in line.

The company carried out very successful campaign on Kickstarter, having gained 2,4 million dollars (in 10 times more from necessary) from 9 522 patrons. The first sets for developers will appear already in the next some months, and Varnishes was glad to show the first working model on CES 2013.

Experience which is offered by new points, «as if before you the huge screen» that is rather exact, but thus during management of the joystick to you will seem that you go on real space. To try action of points it would be desirable, but it is necessary to wait and look, perhaps, that will be still.

Sets will be available to developers on 300 dollars on a site Oculus, and users will receive these models as assures Varnishes, approximately for the same money.


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