Google too will be engaged in production of clever hours

Google too will be engaged in production of clever hours

It seems that in the world the boom on smartwatch began. Besides the small companies which the first entered the market with the computerized watch, the largest technological giants will take part in race, wishing to bite off the piece of a pie.

The Google company can become the new player in the market of intellectual hours. As English business The Financial Times newspaper reports, Google already actively works over own smartwatch.

In development of a "clever" watch the company Android-division, rather than confidential laboratory X Lab which, on hearings, becomes the following place of work of Andy Rubina, the former head of the Android team, most likely, is engaged. X Lab is concentrated to such serious projects, as Google Glass and the pilotless car. Therefore to miss to it it is not necessary.

According to The Financial Times, the Google company made an application on the patent at intellectual o’clock in 2011. In the documents provided in patent department it is a question of the computerized watch with the double folding display and the tactile user interface.

The last some weeks all only also say that about revolutionary hours of the Apple company on which creation the group of 100 people works. One of these days South Korean Samsung confirmed officially that also works in the smartwatch direction. However any of the above-stated companies is not the innovator in this area.

Today the most known brand in the market of nosimy electronics is not so technological company, and the producer of sportswear and footwear. The Nike company received such popularity thanks to Fuelband bracelet for measurement of daily physical activity. At the same time, the leading position on the market is occupied by startups in the person of Fitbit and Pebble. The last was financed by users of a kraudfandingovy site Kickstarter.

Now, when practically each smartphone offers wireless connection, voice-activated control and others hends-fri technologies to transfer this experience on a watch will not make big work, in the same way how to create a site free of charge for the same next hours. Places will suffice for present and future Google services.

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