Google Glass are harmful to sight?

Google Glass are harmful to sight?

Google Glass possess surprising functionality. To understand it, it is enough to look at the first videos with their participation. But whether it is harmful to sight to wear digital glasses? Let’s understand this question.

In the section «Often asked questions» of a site of technical support of Glass the Google company warns potential users about restriction of use of the device:

Google Glass — not for all. During glasses wearing some people can feel excessive tension of sight or a headache. That who did laser correction of sight, before use of Glass is advised to receive consultation of the doctor for an assessment of risk of injury of eyes. To children till 13 years Glass is inadmissible to use not to do much harm to being formed sight. Also there is a risk of damage of Glass children at careless handling. Conditions of terms of service till 13 years it is forbidden to children to be registered in the Google services. If to you Glass is not authorized to use and you want to return the goods to shop, it is necessary for making during a return established period.

So, Google does not recommend Glass to children till 13 years. However doctor Jim Shidi, the head of laboratory of optometry at the Pacific college holds other opinion:

I do not think that "clever" points can be especially harmful to children. The producer warns about care of use of the device children from a position of legal foresight. As intellectual points gain ground, I expect that they will become more and more comfortable in use, including children.

Google Glass are harmful to sight?

With children it seems dealt, and how about all the others?

For day we look in the screen of the TV, the computer, phone that not always it is useful for sight. You, probably, not by hearsay know that such occupational diseases of eyes, dryness of eyes, and also other symptoms of discomfort. In case of Google Glass of business are a little differently. Yes, you will wear digital glasses constantly, but will use them necessarily. Therefore the display opposite to the right eye of the user will be active not always. Besides the charge of the built-in battery room of the battery of the device suffices approximately at one o’clock independent work.

Experts do not see special harm in Google Glass carrying. Professor Shidi did not find the reasons to think that points of the added reality can harm health, in particular break sight.

With a view of decrease in load of eyes of the user the Google company limited duration of record of video by means of the built-in Glass chamber till 10 seconds (by default). To gather and send text messages to addressees it is possible by means of a voice. Thus there is no need to look at the screen.

Certainly, the video camera on a face can make the person similar outwardly on a cyborg, but it already other history.

Google Glass are harmful to sight?

The greatest risk is connected with eye shift towards various fields of vision. At movement in space in visual department of a cerebral cortex signals from receptors about your current location arrive. At stimulation, for example, cards before eyes the brain comes to confusion that can cause dizziness, and in extreme cases nausea. The same symptoms can be observed when viewing 3D-images, speaks to Shidi.

Fortunately, violations of visual and spatial perception have no mass character. At a recent meeting with Google which is carried out in the question-answer format, doctor Elie Peli, the professor of ophthalmology from the Harward medical college declared that the above-stated problems are insignificant:

Adaptation of eyes to new systems takes more time from some people. It was to be expected. Conversations on such potentially dangerous consequences as confusion of consciousness and a disorientation in space, started to appear in the 1990th years in mass media and literature, but all of them were connected with displays of virtual reality which completely immerse the user in the virtual world.

Here that the representative of the Google company speaks about it:

We carefully studied convenience and safety of use of the device and did not find reasons for concern. We will be and to watch closely it further. In the course of system development ophthalmologists take part.

It is natural that results of the work Google estimates only from a positive side. Today magic points of Google in cost of 1500 dollars (Explorer Edition version) remain in hands of developers. But the product becomes mainstream soon. When it will occur, you will already know that Google Glass cannot do much harm to your eyes. Here and nicely. It was necessary to save up the necessary sum of money and to reconcile to total video surveillance and violation of the rights to protection of private information.

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