The multipurpose video registrar Gadgets -

The multipurpose video registrar Gadgets -

Moscow, on February 7 2013г. – Defender, one of leaders of the market of the periphery and accessories for personal computers, represents Car Vision 5110 GPS – top model in the range of video registrars. The record Full of HD video in permission 1080p, the GPS receiver in a set, the built-in G-sensor, the motion sensor and the capacious accumulator – all that is necessary for the modern motorist, is available in an arsenal of the multipurpose device from Defender.

In the company with the true electronic assistant from Defender to move on city roads and it is a pleasure to country routes: the video registrar writes down high-detailed video which if necessary can be seen on 2” the LCD screen. Complete with a novelty the GPS receiver which at connection to the video registrar writes down location coordinates, the direction and speed of movement of the car with possibility of the subsequent display on the card is provided. To see kept information, it is enough to connect Car Vision 5110 GPS to the computer, and the special program will open access to data.

Defender Car Vision 5110 GPS is equipped with a high quality 5mp-sensor with a wide corner of the review 120 ° and light-emitting diode illumination. Thanks to it the written-down video will recreate a full picture of the events, grasping not only some lanes, but also a roadside – both in the afternoon, and at night. Important feature of the video registrar is existence of the built-in sensor of blow, it automatically saves the written-down file at collision or sharp acceleration/braking.

The finished shooting material can be looked through both on the display, and on the TV or monitor screen – for this purpose in a set is available all necessary cables. Also in a set of delivery fastening on a sucker thanks to which the video registrar is reliably fixed on a windshield is provided.

Defender Car Vision 5110 GPS is equipped with the motion sensor therefore it can be used as the security chamber: the device will start to conduct record as soon as will fix movement in or about the car. Independent operation of the device is provided by the accumulator in capacity 800 мАч which can be charged from the automobile lighter, the computer or an electric network.

The novelty is concluded in the case from quality plastic. On the forward panel – the display, start buttons of record and microphone inclusion/switching off. At the top and left end faces – keys of the menu, an instant picture, start of the device and video viewing, a Micro-SD format card slot, HDMI sockets and mini-Jack 3.5мм for a conclusion to TV. All elements of management are located in such a manner that even in total darkness to find them it is possible.

Technical characteristics of Defender Car Vision 5110 GPS:

Permission of the kept image: to 4032 x 3024 (12 МПикс) with interpolation
Digital increase: 4x
Illumination: diodes
Microphone: the built in
Sensor type: 5 MT
Interface: HDMI, mini-Jack 3.5мм (for an exit to TV); USB 2.0 for connection
Video permission: 1920*1080 (HD 1080p — Full HD)
Food: built-in Li-Ion the battery 3.7 B, 800 мАч, a charging from Mini-USB/lighter
Focusing: the automatic
Review corner: 120 degrees
Frequency of shots: 30 shots/seconds
Fastening: to car glass (the holder in a set)
Color: the silvery/black

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