The clever decision for the house on the basis of Linux Gadgets -

The clever decision for the house on the basis of Linux Gadgets -

The absolute majority of decisions for an embodiment of dream of the "clever" house, is based on Android operating system use. And still, Android have alternatives, for example, the same Linux – it can be used with the same success in household appliances, creating original and economic things for daily use.

To prove it the Australian company MooresCloud undertook. It presented a lamp concept in the form of a cube with the light-emitting diodes, operated by Linux OS the lamp is connected to the computer on which Linux is established. The computer has the web server, the accelerometer and Wi-Fi that allows to operate it and a lamp at distance, from any device having Internet access. Besides, Linux can be programmed the lamp for koordinirovanny work with other device. In this case, light-emitting diodes will signal about this or that action, failure of system or the arrived message.

There is a lot of options of use of the lamp, developers confirm him, agitating visitors of a site Klickstarter проспонсировать serial release of a novelty. For this purpose, MooresCloud is necessary 700 thousand Australian dollars, cost of the final product (i.e. the lamp) should make about 99 dollars.

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