Winter registrar Avto – Gadgets -

Winter registrar Avto - Gadgets -

Moscow, on December 26 2012г. – Defender, one of leaders of the market of the periphery and accessories for personal computers, represents Car Vision 2010 HD video registrar with a wide corner of the review, the color display and fine indicators of video filming under any weather conditions.

Ice, blizzard, snow накат – all this complicates motor transport movement in a winter season and becomes frequent the reason of unpleasant road situations. In such difficult conditions the video registrar – not a fashionable automobile accessory, and means of protection of the driver and his passengers in case of disputable situations at road accident analysis.

The device conveniently fastens on a windshield by means of a strong sucker and begins the work at the same time with start of the engine of the car – the car owner does not need to remember need to include video registrar, Defender Car Vision 2010 HD everything will make.

The novelty is equipped with a lens with a wide corner of the review 120 ° thanks to what to a shot gets not only a car lane with the next road strips, but also a roadside, thus level of distortions of the image is minimum. The big display with a diagonal and an angle of rotation 270 ° allows to build of 2,4 inches conveniently for shot composition. The captured video can be seen on the video registrar display directly in the car; for more detailed studying of records it is necessary to use a cable entering into a set mini-Jack and to deduce the picture on the big screen.

The video registrar has the built-in 1,3-megapixel sensor and writes down videos in permission 720p with frequency of 30 frames per second. High quality of written-down video allows to read registration plates of going in advance cars without problems. Date and shooting time are put on a video track during record. Car Vision 2010 HD conducts continuous cyclic record therefore it is possible not to be afraid that the free space on a memory card will unexpectedly end. The device supports SD card micro in volume to 32 Gb.

The novelty is equipped with the motion sensor therefore Defender Car Vision 2010 HD can be used as the security chamber. As soon as the video registrar will fix movement in salon or about the car, it will automatically include record of video. The capacity of the built-in accumulator – 500 мАч – will allow the device to work without additional charge within 60 minutes. In a night-time or in the conditions of insufficient illumination high-quality video filming will be provided by infra-red diodes.

The set of delivery of Defender Car Vision 2010 HD includes fastening on a sucker, the adapter for connection to the automobile lighter, USB A cable – mini B, lithium – the ion demountable battery, a cable of 2,5 mm mini-Jack and the maintenance instruction.

Technical characteristics of Defender Car Vision 2010 HD:

Permission of the kept image: to 4032 x 3024 (12 МПикс) with interpolation
Digital increase: 4x
Illumination: Infra-red
Microphone: Built in
Sensor type: 1.3 MT
Interface: Mini-Jack of 2,5 mm (for an exit to TV); USB 2.0 for connection to the personal computer
Video permission: 1280*720 (HD 720p)
Food: Lithium – the ion battery (demountable, recharged), 3,7 In, 500 мАч, a charging from mini-USB/lighter
Review corner: 120 degrees
Angle of rotation: 270 degrees
Frequency of shots: 30 shots/seconds
Fastening: To car glass (the holder in a set)

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