The lingerie with protection against rape Gadgets

The lingerie with protection against rape Gadgets

The world community paid attention to a violence problem concerning women in India after several high-profile cases. One of such affairs is connected with group rape of the 23-year-old student who has died from got traumas in December of last year. In attempt to stop sexual crimes the Indian authorities charged to the Ministry of electronics and information technologies to develop a watch with function of sending of the spot news with a request for the help. The program joined three Indian students of technical college. Children offered other idea: lingerie with protection against rape.

Students from SRM University in Chennai called the Society Harnessing Equipment (SHE) project that in a translation from English means the socially useful equipment. The device is equipped with various sensors, GPS-and GSM modules, and also the built-in stun gun for scaring away of tyrants. The internal part of SHE has an insulating cover from a polymeric material which protects the owner of linen from an electric discharge.

The lingerie with protection against rape Gadgets

The following, advanced SHE version will receive more compact design and Bluetooth-connection to smartphones for implementation of emergency calls.

Students explained the initiative such words:

At school us learned to smile and be friendly. But having appeared in the real world full of cruelty and deception, we understood, it is impossible what to be friendly when malicious people attempt upon your purity and purity. Even after toughening of punishments of the woman do not feel in safety. Therefore we initiated idea of self-defense for women.

The device was noted by Gandhian Young Technological Innovation Award 2013 award.

The lingerie with protection against rape Gadgets

Handcuffs with an electric shoker can help to pacify especially active criminals.

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