Who wants to become deadmau5? cheaply!

Who wants to become deadmau5? cheaply!

If you are the admirer of deadmau5, and have a thick purse, the interesting gadget for a suit on the Halloween can interest you. Actually, you see it higher. Here it will precisely blow up public which will see this helmet. Will hook even on those who not in a course, who such deadmau5. They can say that you Mickey Mouse.

Who wants to become deadmau5? cheaply!

In a helmet 168 light-emitting diodes of RGB, and also electroluminescent ears are used. For management the San Devices E680 controler and the computer software of Madrix that allows to program any image which will want is used. Here so it looks in dynamics.

And now the most important moment which will define how you will be belongs to a light-emitting diode remark of a helmet of deadmau5. Whether are ready to give for it 2750 dollars????

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