The helmet of Touchy will turn you into the person camera

The helmet of Touchy will turn you into the person camera

How to operate a cockroach through "Twitter" we told in the previous news, and what you will tell into the account of "person camera"? Not clearly, about what there is a speech? The matter is that the Hong Kong media artist Eric Siu offers any wishing to get on to itself on the head a special helmet of Touchy in the form of the retrochamber – looks is delightful idiotically, but all charm that this piece really functions.

The helmet is connected to the special sphere of Touchy Bulb with the built-in sensor and when someone concerns the sphere and the person it gives a signal on the chamber and that does a picture. In order that carrying such helmet could see where goes, to it added two eyes lenses with shtorka and illumination which during a picture are quickly closed and shone. It is possible to look at the finished shooting photos on the 3,5-inch LCD display located on the back party of a helmet.


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