The Chinese Xiaomi enters the world market of smartphones

The Chinese Xiaomi enters the world market of smartphones

In August, 2013 of Hugo Barra, in the past the vice-president of the Google company for Android development, came over to the side of Xiaomi to help the Chinese producer of smartphones to enter the world market. Six months later Xiaomi were confirmed by readiness to begin sale of the devices outside of China and Gonkoga. The first smartphone will arrive on the new market this month.

The smartphone about which there was a speech above, is called as Redmi – English-speaking option of Hongmi smartphone already available on sale. As reports Digital Trends, this mobile device debuts in Singapore on February 21.

The Xiaomi company is the known supplier of hi-tech production on the Android operating system at the low prices. The brand has improbable success in China where bypasses on company sales with a world name. For the last three months 2013 of Xiaomi sold to Chinese more smartphones, than American to Apple with its latest models of iPhone 5s and 5c. By the way, Xiaomi production so was pleasant to one of founders of Apple that that decided it to advance, having of the authority.

It should be noted that in Singapore great demand for smartphones. According to research firm Nielsen, 87 percent of inhabitants of this country own, at least, one smartphone that for 27 percent more than in the United States.

The Chinese Xiaomi enters the world market of smartphones

Xiaomi Redmi in cost about 130 American dollars offers the 4,7-inch IPS screen with permission 720p, the chetyrekhjyaderny MediaTek processor with clock frequency of 1,5 GHz and the 8-megapixel chamber. The smartphone uses the Android 4.2 operating system with strongly changed user MIUI interface which is added with a new launcher, functions of safety and many other settings.

Though Xiaomi also does not leave too far from the house, the exit to the new market promises it additional profits. Today Xiaomi is the fifth largest producer of smartphones in China, and cost of this developing company is estimated in 10 billion dollars.

If to look at statistics, we will see that in 2013 of Xiaomi sold 18,7 million devices. The company often uses non-standard methods of sales. Last autumn it, for example, advanced the Mi-3 smartphone through the appendix for WeChat chat. In such a way the company was possible manage 150 000 smartphones in only ten minutes. Sales too were conducted in the appendix.

Considering growing appetites of the Chinese companies, the exit of Xiaomi to the markets of the USA and Europe is only a matter of time.

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