HTC 8S – the cheapest WP8 smartphone

HTC 8S - the cheapest WP8 smartphone

If you look for a way cheaply to join the Windows Phone 8 operating system and it to "live tiles», the HTC company will have a solution of this problem. HTC 8S costs? 180 under condition of the conclusion of the contract with the operator «3 ? and? 240 without the conclusion of the contract. It turns out, what the smartphone costs on? 150 is cheaper than the direct competitor – Nokia Lumia 820.

8S has 4 ? the display that on 0.3 ? it is less than inch, than at Lumia 820, but a display resolution at devices the identical – 800×480 pixels. It means that the smartphone from HTC will have more accurate picture, than at Nokia (233 ppi against 217 ppi respectively).

But Lumia 820 wins on other indicators. For example, in 8S there are no exclusive appendices from Nokia: turn-by-turn navigation of Nokia Drive, Nokia CityLens and Nokia Music. Also the smartphone from Finns bypasses the opponent and on a stuffing. In Lumia 820 are a dual-core processor with frequency 1.5ГГц and 1GB of random access memory while 8S can brag only 1ГГц of the chip and 512МБ the RAM.

But it is improbable that you will notice a difference in productivity between these devices on WP8. All animation will occur to identical quantity of shots, and appendices will be started at the same time. The only thing where it is possible to notice a difference in iron – games which, by the way, in Windows Marketplace not too there is a lot of.

It turns out that HTC 8S – ideal purchase for those who wants to try the third mobile operating system, but does not want to pay much thus.


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