Nokia Lumia 620-? the budgetary smartphone on Windows Phone 8

Nokia Lumia 620-? the budgetary smartphone on Windows Phone 8

Here never we would think that phone from rather low price category can cause in us so many positive emotions, it is a question, as you already for certain guessed, about the hero of our today’s review – Nokia Lumia 620. The device really pleased us both quality of assembly and the case as a whole, and the productivity. Despite most average to today’s measures a stuffing, phone works very quickly and smoothly, thereby providing excellent a usability.

Definitely precisely that the 620th model possesses functions all necessary and inherent in all modern smartphones: here to you and Wi-Fi for wireless and fast access to the Network, and Bluetooth for connection of peripheral wireless devices, and NFC for exchange of information with other devices, say, despite the low price list of Lumia 620 offers the buyer an excellent set from functionality, long life from one charge of the battery and attractive design.

It is possible to familiarize with characteristics of the Nokia Lumia 620 smartphone in our video review in more detail. Pleasant viewing!

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