To grow thin in the face of special points

To grow thin in the face of special points

Japanese scientists presented the next invention based on use of "Augmented reality" – systems of additional reality. Special points, reformative the visible world by the set principle, should help to grow thin that who suffers from excess of excess weight, and to prevent to grow stout that who is in a good form, but feels insuperable draft for any delicacies.

Scientists found out that appetite of the person depends on a serving size which he is going to eat. Reduction seen for about 1/3 portions leads to incitement of appetite, and here the increase in a portion in 1,5 times reduces appetite for 10 %. To use this supervision Japanese solved as follows – they created the points considerably increasing visible volumes of food. Thus, hands, tableware and other subjects keep the real dimensions.

Further, it is planned to teach to distinguish points types of food and to increase it depending on brought advantage. For example, if to order beaters on the house and to put them on a table near a dish of chips, the last (at a look through points) it will appear much more that should emphasize the harm, put this sort of food, and the advantage brought by natural products.

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