NexPhone: uniting gadgets

NexPhone: uniting gadgets

The smartphone, tablet, the laptop and the personal computer, carrying out almost same functions, cannot replace each other completely. Each of these devices has advantages and the shortcomings therefore many users are not limited to something one, using in an everyday life at once or in turn some gadgets and the computer.

The problem of data exchange arising thus yet did not find the decision convenient for all, but NexPhone can make the real revolution in the field, similar to those which made татпроф in the market of aluminum profiles. The concept of NexPhone is based on use of a uniform hardware kernel (and its roles the smartphone acts), attached to docking stations (to a tablet, a laptop or the desktop computer monoblock) for a conclusion of own interface to the screen with a bigger diagonal.

The tablet docking station of NexTablet, provides special fastening for the smartphone on the back panel. The tablet has no own processor and memory, as well as at the thin NexLaptop laptop. The NexMonitor computer at all represents itself the big monitor with a docking station in the basis and ports for keyboard and mouse connection. The concept is so simple that her developers seriously count on industrial production and promise to use the best efforts for advance of the product in masses.

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