Google begins Glass Explorer Edition deliveries

Google begins Glass Explorer Edition deliveries

The Google company published technical characteristics of Google Glass. According to published information, points of the added reality are capable to grasp 5-megapixel images and to write down 720p-video on the internal store in volume of 16 GB.

The news Cnet resource reports that received the electronic notice that the first party of 1500-dollar Google Glass Explorer Edition descended from the conveyor and will be sent to developers during next few days.

Points were let out by small party, but in the future we will increase their production. Devices will suffice on all. We will inform you — writes Google.

As to specifications, Glass have 16 GB a flash memory, synchronized with cloudy storage Google from which only 12 GB will be available to the user. The electronic device supports the Bluetooth and Wi-fi standards (802.11b/g).

The MyGlass appendix will give users opportunity to send the Sms and to use GPS navigation. It However, works at Android-devices with the version of an operating system 4.0.3 and above. Points of Google Glass are also compatible to all Bluetooth-phones.

Other characteristics of Google Glass include:

  • adjustable nasal emphasis and strong universal framework for any face type;
  • additional nasal small pillows in two sizes;
  • the display of a high definition — an equivalent of the 25-inch screen with distance of viewing 2,5 meters;
  • technology of bone conductivity of a sound;
  • the storage battery which resource suffices at date of gadget use. Record of video, and also such functions as Hangout can discharge the battery quicker;
  • cable of Micro USB and charger.

Be careful, Google Glass can raise sexual crime.

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