Space Ball: radio-controlled «a space sphere»

Space Ball: radio-controlled «a space sphere»

Toy distantly operated aircraft won wide popularity among fans of equipment. But many models have an essential shortcoming – during the falling or collision with extraneous subjects they break wings. For this reason experienced users recommend to beginners to buy inexpensive "starting" models. Another matter a gelikopter of Space Ball (a space sphere), developed by Japanese engineers. Such device never will break. The mechanism is reliably protected from casual blows by a flexible plastic cover.

Space Ball copes with the help of an infra-red control panel and is optimized for game in the closed rooms. Most interesting it that if the gelikopter falls on a floor, for take-off he chooses the correct situation. Additional rotors and built-in LED illumination enter into a complete set.

In Japan Space Ball it is offered at the price of 6279 yens that is equivalent to 80 American dollars.


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