Vibroband bracelet – a useful accessory for active people

Vibroband bracelet – a useful accessory for active people

In life of everyone there are situations when to answer entering calls it is impossible owing to these or those circumstances. At theater mobile it is necessary to disconnect, in the sports hall it should be laid out, and in the subway of a call it is possible is banal not to catch. In most cases, it is rather simple to call back to solve all questions, but there are also return situations when the passed call turns around failure of the important transaction, big financial losses or problems in the private life which permission will demand a lot of time and nerves. To avoid similar risk, owners of cell phones will be helped by Vibroband – the stylish bracelet which is operatively telling to the owner about arriving calls.

The bracelet of Vibroband appeared in the market recently, but it is possible to call it safely an accessory necessary for active people to which needs to remain always on communication with the world.

The bracelet, USB charging and the instruction enters into a set of delivery, accurately packed into a beautiful box of white color. The square box easily opens, suggesting to pass at once to check of operability of a bracelet and development of its functions.

The accessory is executed from high-quality rubber, the buyer is offered to choose one of four flowers – classical black, optimistical yellow, cheerful orange or bright green (color of a lime). In such variety the color can choose both the businessman at age and the young girl, and the most zealous women of fashion, for certain, will prefer to get at once some bracelets of Vibroband – for all occasions. As a whole, black color of a bracelet is universal, the others are more calculated on young audience of buyers.

The reliable fixture of a bracelet of Vibroband quickly fixes it on a hand, the adjustable size allows to carry an accessory to people with any thickness of a hand and even to children. In the center of a bracelet the management button is located, it is almost imperceptible from outside.

How Vibroband works? Everything is extremely simple: the bracelet is connected to the mobile phone, whether it be iPad, Samsung Galaxy, HTC One or any other device, by means of the Bluetooth module. When on the mobile phone the external call will arrive, the bracelet will start to vibrate on a wrist and to pass a call any more it will not be possible (even if on that there will be a desire). The button of management allows or to disconnect vibration (single pressing the button), or to reject a call (double pressing the button).

The case of a bracelet decorates the tiny LED indicator. He reports about inclusion or device switching off, connection to it of the charger and level of a charge of the built-in accumulator. The producer of bracelets assures that, in a waiting mode, they can work, neither more nor less, 80 hours. Range of action of this accessory is limited to 10 meters.

In the conclusion we will note that the bracelet of Vibroband will appear by the way to all inhabitants of the noisy cities, admirers of loud parties and fans of active sports. Without changing the lifestyle, they will receive possibilities for communication and work in any place and at any time.

To receive more detailed information on a bracelet of Vibroband and its cost it is possible on an official site of the company which is letting out this accessory. It becomes a fine gift native and to friends for any holiday and precisely will not be lost even in the richest collection of accessories for the mobile phone.

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