Phone as the remote switch

Any device which receives a food from a finger-type battery of AA now can cope from your iPhone or phone on the basis of Android. The clever adapter of Tethercell for this purpose serves. The mini-finger-type battery of AAA is inserted into it. Then the adapter is inserted into the device instead of a battery. Tethercell connects phone to the device on a battery by means of Bluetooth and allows you to disconnect a food of this device distantly. The special free supplement is intended for management of Tethercell.

Phone as the remote switch

Here such simple, but entertaining, the feature appeared, among other things, on CES 2013. Developers of Tethercell try to find buyers on the device by means of a site Indiegogo. Each such Bluetooth-perekhodnichok costs 35 US dollars. Work on the adapter version for nine-volt batteries is now conducted. As well as in a case with Luci small lamp, it is represented that the price is a little overestimated.

It is necessary to tell that the exhibition of achievements of electronics of this year was rich not only every possible computer devices: tablets, smartphones, laptops, but also numerous trifles, some of which can appear quite useful in a life. To disconnect a night lamp at distance it is impossible to call possibility technological break and, nevertheless, to many users of Tethercell has chance to be pleasant.


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