Points of Google Glass can raise sexual crime

Points of Google Glass can raise sexual crime

Without having managed to go on sale, Google Glass appeared in the center of attention of the world community. The management of Google sleeps and sees, when all people on Earth will wear glasses of the added reality. When everyone can freely communicate, displayed before eyes, with everybody and anywhere. For someone entertainment, and for someone the real nightmare.

We already heard history about a bar in Seattle which forbade the visitors to use in advance Google Glass. Other activists proclaimed themselves fighters with cyborgs and started a site warning the population about dangers which conceal in itself such points.

One of these days the Internet version of news TV channel NBC News published on the electronic pages article about institutions in the United States of America which do not wish to deal with people with video cameras on faces. In Las Vegas more than enough places where recorders are under a ban. Google Glass just have function video and audio recordings. The casino and a striptease clubs belong to number of such institutions. The same rule operates within the precincts of cinemas.

Eventually, stripteasers agreed to dance and be bared for money before visitors of club. But hardly someone from them can like idea of record of all events extraneous people. The problem of a scopophilia frightens not only employees of night clubs.

We are disturbed more by a problem of commission of sexual crimes with Google Glass participation. Locker rooms, shower, children’s playgrounds … all this appears at eyes clearly — tells NBC News private inspector Drew Donofrio.

Privacy violation — here the main problem for Google Glass. It can have destructive consequences for technology. Hardly Google will be delighted to such prospect.

All of us know that the Google company does not aspire to become "resident evil", but only words it is not enough of one. Gradually we change views on прайвеси, without reflecting on consequences.

If Google wishes to create «the connected world», whose inhabitants will constantly be in the Network and to exchange secrets of private life with each other, including with Google, it is meaningful to build separate "Guglopolisa" where will not be neither stesneniye, nor fears.

Really you want to live in such world?

It dread to think that will be, when Microsoft will let out the competitor of Google Glass.

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