Multipurpose addition for apple gadgets

Multipurpose addition for apple gadgets

Owners of iPhone and iPad know that these gadgets are not ideal (though are close to an ideal). For example, at them not too capacious batteries, and tablets happens difficult to attach on a table so that it was really convenient.

Shortcomings of "apple" gadgets please producers of accessories to them and afflict owners of iPhone and iPad, compelled these accessories to buy. But, sometimes, and on the street of users there is a holiday in the form of an accessory combining in at once some functions. Also it is not necessary to buy a cover any more, a support and the additional battery separately if there is KudoCase – a universal cover with the built-in battery and not only.

The additional battery for iPhone or iPad is necessary the same as levels clamping for machines. Without it, active use of gadgets possibly, unless, nearby from the electric socket that it was possible to recharge them at any time. KudoCase offers a solution at once in two ways – the built-in additional battery will prolong term of work of iPad till 10 days, and the solar battery will be a source of almost infinite energy for the smartphone. The cover can be used and as a support that is convenient, but it weighs more than 0,5 kg that is a lot of, and there are 200 dollars that not too there is a lot of, considering possibility to save on purchase of the additional battery.

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