Lexand D6 HDR: the modern navigator-registrar with the 6-inch screen

Lexand D6 HDR: the modern navigator-registrar with the 6-inch screen

Many domestic motorists use video registrars and satellite navigators keep and even increase greatly popularity. Thus in an ideal a windshield of the car should "decorate", and the navigator, and авторег. And here only any abundance of electronic devices on this glass in most cases considerably worsens the review to the driver and reduces traffic safety. The exit from this situation is – navigators with the built-in registrars; we also will consider today one of them – get acquainted, 6-inch Lexand D6 HDR.

At once we will note that similar "hybrid" is more favorable on money, than two separate devices: Lexand D6 HDR costs about 5 thousand rubles while the similar navigator without the chamber costs about 4-4,5 thousand, and the separate HD video registrar – 2-3 more. So in case of purchase of "hybrid" it will be possible to save.

The thickness of Lexand D6 HDR does not exceed 12 mm. The back panel is made of prorezinenny software-tach plastic of black color. On it scratches, as on an opaque or glossy covering are not so visible. On the back panel the lens of the megapixel chamber of the registrar with a review corner in 75 degrees (on a diagonal) is located. Video registers in the AVI format, the maximum permission – 1280 on 720 points (HD 720p). On a video series time, date, speed and GPS coordinates are imposed. Video and navigation can work at the same time, that is in a "duplex" mode. Here an example of video shot on Lexand D6 HDR:

On the obverse panel of the device there is a 6-inch touch display with permission 800 on 480 points (WVGA), providing rather high quality of the image. The screen traditionally is not drowned in the case, and is flush with it; the forward panel absolutely flat, without sides. Let’s note existence on the screen of an antiblikovy covering which not bad consults with the duties: the device can use in a sunny day.

Lexand D6 HDR: the modern navigator-registrar with the 6-inch screen

Hardware platform in Lexand D6 HDR is quite modern MStar MSB2521 processor with frequency of 500 MHz; speed of operation of the device, providing with this chip, quite accepted – the device bright. As an operating system habitual Windows CE 6.0 with the firm Lexand interface, differing big pictograms here is used. For installation of navigation programs and storage of information 4 Gb of the built-in memory are provided. And here slots for microSD two format memory cards: one for needs of the navigator, another – for the registrar. The total charge of the built-in accumulator suffices at two o’clock independent work.

Lexand D6 HDR is delivered with the navigation program "Navitel Navigator 5" with Russia maps and free updating. It should be noted that in model there is a possibility of installation of several programs of navigation and fast switching between them by means of firm function «A navigation way». On the device it is possible to look through images, text documents, video and to listen to music.

Lexand D6 HDR: the modern navigator-registrar with the 6-inch screen

As a whole, quite to itself decent option for users who would like to kill one device of two "hares" – navigation and video registration. Lexand D6 HDR cost, we will remind, makes about 5 thousand rubles.

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