The fighting scanner for police and special troops

The fighting scanner for police and special troops

The Bounce Imaging company presented an interesting device which can appear is familiar to fans of games. It is executed in the form of a sphere, thus possesses four chambers and the various sensors allowing distantly to estimate a situation. Coming back to a subject of toys, something similar was in XCOM: Enemy Unknown.

The fighting scanner for police and special troops

In any case the novelty looks interestingly. The built-in chambers provide a 360-degree corner of the review, and, even at weak lighting thanks to infra-red light-emitting diodes. Sensors will help to define temperature, availability of chemicals and radiation. Photos and the obtained data can be sent on mobile devices. Abruptly, isn’t that so?

The similar thing can be used by policemen and special troops, and also services like the Ministry of Emergency Situations. As a whole, the founder of Bounce Imaging Francisco Agilar, conceived the project in 2010 after earthquake in Haiti where the similar thing could help with search of victims. Nevertheless, security officers became interested in the USA in a novelty also. In January of the next year the police and special troops of the State of Massachusetts will check efficiency of a gadget. As to cost, it is rather low – 500 dollars. So it is not necessary to be surprised, if she can be met among fans of a paintball and страйкбола.


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