GH-LED10WBW – a lamp to which does not need an electricity

GH-LED10WBW – a lamp to which does not need an electricity

Any lamp, sooner or later, is discharged. That it could shine again always and everywhere, the owner should look for the suitable power supply and some hours to wait, while batteries of a lamp will fill an energy stock. But, in a case with GH-LED10WBW lamp, all this is irrelevant – principles of its work cardinally differs from what is used in usual lamps.

From a light-emitting diode lamp of GH-LED10WBW if the Green House company decides to adjust its mass production, sale of diesel generators and portable solar batteries can strongly suffer. For additional charge of a lamp typical in appearance salt and water is necessary not to the electric power, and. Moreover, the accumulator or batteries in it in principle is not present, their place was occupied by a salt cartridge. When light-emitting diodes will cease to work, it is necessary to "fill" with simple water (the sack for water is applied) and operability of a lamp will be restored at 8 o’clock.

One salt cartridge will suffice on 15 fillings or 120 business hours. If GH-LED10WBW comes into the hands to the admirer of modern gadgets, it can use it also as an electric power source – founders provided existence in an USB port lamp for additional charge of foreign devices.

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