To remember everything: review of the video registrar of Defender Car Vision 5010 Full HD

To remember everything: review of the video registrar of Defender Car Vision 5010 Full HD

Automobile video registrars became absolutely irreplaceable subject under a windshield of any car, whether it be expensive foreign car or second-hand "six". Nobody can be sure that in a way there will be no unforeseen situation — possible options even are not present sense to list — and it is better, that you kept detailed record of all events. The digital file which has been removed by the video registrar, will allow to prove the case or to provide the sign of wrongful behavior of others.

The subject of similar devices, in general, is opened for a long time. However now producers started to increase not quantitative, but high-quality functions. We decided to check one of the video registrars presented recently — Defender Car Vision 5010 Full HD. At least, one advantage of the device is already clear from the name: it writes down the picture in permission of 1920х1080 points (Full HD). Just it is necessary to deal with other functions.

Appearance, complete set, characteristics

The video registrar of Defender Car Vision 5010 Full HD is delivered with all necessary to start work. It is possible to find the device, traditional fastening in a box to a car windshield (on a convenient and reliable sucker), the multipurpose adapter for connection to the lighter (exactly from there is all food of the device), demountable lithium – the ion battery which will keep the video registrar in working condition without connection to a power source.

To remember everything: review of the video registrar of Defender Car Vision 5010 Full HD

Besides, with a gadget there are necessary cables for connection to the TV / to the external display and the computer (USB A cables – mini B, and also HDMI). For those who does not want to leave the video registrar in the car without supervision, the set of delivery provides an accurate cover — in it the device will be protected from, so to speak, sumochny traumas and scratches.

To remember everything: review of the video registrar of Defender Car Vision 5010 Full HD

Further, the device. An imperceptible plastic rectangular box with the small lens, the highlighting light-emitting diodes, some identification marks and, certainly, a logo of the producer. The video registrar — compact, imperceptible, without superfluous elements and «design finds» also should be such. In this case just simplicity will save the world.

To remember everything: review of the video registrar of Defender Car Vision 5010 Full HD

On right боковине Car Vision 5010 Full HD are located four action buttons, allowing to operate rather rich set of possibilities. Additional control is carried out by means of convenient, moderately the elastic joystick on the back panel of a gadget. Near the joystick there is the main button which is responsible for activation of the registrar. At once over two elements of management it is located small, but very necessary 2-inch display — with its help it is possible to see quickly the finished shooting material (and even to hear, thanks to the tiny loudspeaker hidden in the case).

The device is equipped with a 5-megapixel CMOS matrix with possibility of 4-fold digital increase in object. The module of the chamber supports record of video in permission of 1920х1080 points with frequency of 30 frames per second — it means that rollers will be very smooth and realistic. Additional dynamics to the captured video adds a lens with a corner of the review of 120 degrees, allowing to see not only the, but also the next lanes.

The built-in memory in the video registrar is not present, but there is a slot for microSD format memory cards. The device supports stores in volume to 32 GB, but at a choice of a card it is necessary to be attentive — it should not be too cheap (respectively, slow), in this case you will not achieve smooth video. According to the producer the minimum recommended speed of established microSD inside — Class 6.

In work

As we already spoke, to start work with a gadget it is enough to unpack all components from a box, to attach a sucker and to establish all this in a convenient place under a windshield on the discretion. The registrar connected to the lighter automatically joins together with ignition key turn.

The chamber does not set superfluous questions, and simply works — provides very smooth and, the main, very accurate and contrast video. In a stream it is possible to look out for numbers of other cars, them it is visible rather well (the wide corner of the review very helps with it). In a shot time and shooting date are displayed — it is so more convenient to analyze the received rollers on the computer.

Written down it is possible to transfer to the computer through cable connection. Or, as option, having pulled out a memory card from the nest and having established it in a kardtrider. Fluent research of rollers inspires respect — special algorithms of a compression the N 264 who almost are not compressing a stream, allow to achieve the excellent picture.

Important additional function of the video registrar: work in the form of the security chamber. The scheme very simple — it is necessary to leave the chamber in the car for the night, having exposed in the menu a specific mode of work. The device will automatically turn on at movement detection near car. If necessary the chamber highlights violators (or who knows, simply passersby) the light-emitting diodes. Certainly, high-grade infra-red shooting in such cases would be more preferable, but better so, than absolutely without illumination.

The built-in accumulator (3.7 In, 1000 мАч), by the way, suffices approximately at 3 o’clock continuous record of video. Differently, the extent of an average route of the inhabitant of the megalopolis in rush hour becomes covered without superfluous problems.


Videregistrator Defender Car Vision 5010 Full HD perfectly consults with the main objective — to write down video from car salon. The received rollers do not cause questions, functionality and time of wireless work — too. At the price at level of 4500 rubles it is possible to recommend the device to all adherents of modern technologies.

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